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Production Engineering
Production Engineering is a branch of Engineering and Technology which is a combination of production technology merged with management science. It is the branch which is offered only by a handful of the institutes across the country. Many of the students interested in the field of engineering still cling on pursuing an engineering degree in computer science or electronics. But some of them are interested to follow an unconventional route. The production engineering is one among the popular courses and it grabs the attention as it offers an exciting and lucrative career for those who pursue it. This branch also deals with the conditional alterations that is applicable in production as well as with the relationship of materials in the industry.

Course Structure
The course in manufacturing provides an insight of the integrated design and thus enables the planning of the entire production system. As the course includes several complex production methods, the newer generations should be trained with most modern techniques. The various topics that are included in this course are as follows:
  • Production Management
  • Primary Production Processes
  • Queuing Models & Simulation
  • Design of Mechanical Elements
  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Design
  • Casting Processes
  • Melting, Pouring and Testing
  • Moulding Methods & Processes
  • Design Considerations in Casting And Gating
  • Welding Power Sources And Characteristics
  • Safety Aspects & Automation Of Welding
  • Management Information Systems & Manufacturing Simulation
  • Human Engineering & Behavioural Science

Career Prospects
A Production engineer has excellent career prospects. The Production Engineers are of high demand as they are needed in all the sectors of the technical industry. This branch also deals with the continuous improvement in designing of the production system.
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