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Electrical Engineering
The application of electricity & electrical devices is present in every part of our life, which is expanding at a rapid rate, therefore resulting in a rapid requirement of well trained professionals not only theoretically sound but also practically skilled. We have the following labs in our electrical department to ensure that the students have the practical exposure:
  • Electrical Machine Lab.: In Electrical M/c lab. Testing of various AC & DC machines, Transformers are done. Short circuit/ Open circuit test on single phase transformers & polarity of 3 Phase Transformer are performed. Modern digital and precise instruments are used to monitor various parameters. Students are taught to dismantle and assemble various machines.

  • Electrical workshop: In Electrical Workshop students are taught about various contactor control circuits and they can design electrical circuits as per requirement. Transformer winding, Remote Control, Time delay circuit (for automation of the process), Interlocking circuits, Sequential control circuits, power cable jointing and dismantling and assembling of various starters and motor are performed on worksite. Soldering, desoldering & connection of single phase motors are also completed by individual student.

    In addition to the practicalís prescribed by HSBTE practicalís on controllers like P.I.O. controller (which are commonly used in the industry) are also performed.

  • EMMI Lab.: In the EMMI lab the students learn about various instruments (measuring & controlling) widely used in the industry like construction & working of various Electronic & Electrical instruments like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Watt meter, Energy Meter, Meggar Earth tester, Multimeter, Frequency Meter, Single Phase Power Factor Meter, LCR Meter, various transducer are displayed and explained with the help of various interactive charts.

  • After 2nd year students are able to do wiring (both domestic & industrial) & testing. They are taught to estimate consumption of material in domestic & industrial wiring. In the final year the students are taught to design power/ electric drive, contactor control circuits & to develop software (PLC) to control various industrial process.
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